Loop Quiet Ear Plugs Review
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Loop Quiet Ear Plugs Review

Discover tranquillity with Loop Quiet Ear Plugs – your durable and reusable sanctuary made from soft silicone. Dive into our Loop Quiet Ear Plugs review to unveil the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and style.

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My Personal Input On Loop Quiet Earplugs

My initial experience with Loop Quiet earplugs involved starting with the pre-attached medium tips, which proved too large and uncomfortable for extended wear. Switching to the small tips alleviated the pressure, offering a more suitable fit for extended use.

While wearing them, ambient sounds became softer, subtly shifting annoying noises to the background. Despite their comfort during daily activities, I find the sound cancellation not intense enough for my preferences during sleep.

Navigating the small instructions posed a challenge, but online videos provided clearer guidance. To optimise tip replacement, turning them inside out and pressing them down firmly on a surface ensured a secure fit, a process made easier by comparing one at a time.

The earplugs’ small size prompted me to choose a bright colour for visibility. Though the case is functional, I sometimes overlook using it in a hurry.

In conclusion, the investment in Loop Quiet earplugs is justifiable. Their comfort is so exceptional that I can envision peacefully falling asleep while wearing them. It’s challenging to envision opting for any other earplugs. Nevertheless, a case upgrade would elevate them to my undisputed favourite.

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 

With an NRR of 14, Loop Quiet earplugs effortlessly drown out unwanted noise, creating your personal haven of calm.

Comfort and Fit

loop quiet earplugs

Available in 4 sizes, these earplugs snugly fit into your ears, promising ease of insertion and lasting comfort throughout wear.


Crafted from soft silicone, Loop Quiet earplugs provide a gentle touch for your ears, ensuring a pleasurable and effective noise reduction experience.

Sleep-Friendly Features

Designed for tranquil nights, Loop Quiet earplugs also prove invaluable for focused studying, working, or reading, elevating your concentration levels.

Hygiene and Maintenance 

Embrace sustainability with these washable and reusable earplugs, offering a practical and eco-friendly solution for hearing protection.


Their discreet In-Ear design combines functionality with aesthetics, ensuring you stay in vogue while safeguarding your auditory sanctuary.

Customer Reviews

Backed by a stellar 4.1-star rating, Loop Quiet earplugs have won the approval of users who appreciate the perfect blend of comfort and effectiveness.


Priced at 24.95 USD, these earplugs offer an affordable investment for those seeking quality hearing protection.


Loop Quiet earplugs are the ideal choice for individuals who value a harmonious blend of comfort, durability, and sustainability. Perfect for those seeking a reliable solution for noise reduction during sleep, study, work, or leisure. Elevate your auditory experience with Loop Quiet – your gateway to tranquility.

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